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Effective Planning for a Well-Designed Life




Time Management App


UI/UX Design



Informed by research, I’ve designed a software addressing users’ fragmented time management needs. This tool facilitates efficient schedule organization, optimizes short time periods, and analyzes usage patterns. Created from user feedback, it embodies a practical solution for enhancing daily time management through thoughtful design and user-centric functionality.


In today’s demand for efficiency and time conservation, people aim to enrich their schedules but often lose time to unexpected tasks, creating unique challenges and needs. Recognizing these issues, I propose designing an App solution focused on enabling users to better understand and manage their time, offering a bridge between user needs and effective schedule organization in our fast-paced world.


Our lives are full of fragmented time, whether it's on the way to work while exercising, or taking a break after a meal. Many people don’t know how to make good use of fragmented time, 82% of people don’t have a time management system.


The App helps users solve fragmented time. Nowadays, people often have fragmented time at work and in life. How to use this time more efficiently to study and work is very important. The app help user built schedule, and recommends and helps the user arrange different fragmented times such as 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, etc. Let users live and study more efficiently. 



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Amber Hall

“Navigating Life's Walks with Purpose and Planning!"
Fragmented time, Capturing inspiration, Time Management.
She needs an app that can monitor her fragmented time and allow her to make good use of it at work. It is best to have two modes: work and rest.
Unreasonable schedule prevents her from switching quickly among various projects

She wants to know about all kinds of design news and visual content

Timeline needs to be emphasized
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Lang Wang

“I don’t want my life to be too monotonous, so I try to fill up my schedule with various things."
Data Privacy, Work-life balance, Priority management.
Wang Lang needs a function that can easily manage his schedule, arrange tasks, and set reminders.
Need more content on time prioritization

The work and life pattern allows him to have time to take care of both sides of life

His data needs to be absolutely private and secure.

(Task Flow)

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